AbraCadavre (Industrial Jazz) Industrial Song
(2HTS) Bucher Der Toten Experimental Song
(2HTS) Pink Overdrive Synthwave Song
(2HTS) NeuroMancy Industrial Song
(2HTS) chamakillion Techno Song
(2HTS) Crushed Synthwave Song
(2HTS) Aenigma Angel Hip Hop - Modern Song
(2HTS) LexiNerd Experimental Song
Subserviant (Instrumental) Industrial Song
(2HTS) Fuck Carrots Techno Song
Just the Next One (Instrumental) Industrial Song
Rest in Pieces (Instrumental) Industrial Song
Dancing with a Double Barrel (Instrumental) Industrial Song
Adonis (Instrumental) Industrial Song
(2HTS) GoldDust New Wave Song
(2HTS) Faith|less| Experimental Song
(2HTS) MicroChaosm Drum N Bass Song
(2HTS) Little Desires Cinematic Song
(2HTS) Spliff Ass Puppy Hip Hop - Olskool Song
(2HTS) Crystallized Meth Techno Song
(2HTS) Ex Gravitas House Song
(2HTS) This Is Pokemon Go Pop Song
(2HTS) Sorely Missed In Action Video Game Song
(2HTS) Afternoon Drift Ambient Song
(2HTS) This Monster Industrial Song
(2HTS) Age of Sagittarius New Wave Song
(2HTS) The Death Knell Dubstep Song
(2HTS) Depths House Song
(2HTS) Absurdities Miscellaneous Song
(2HTS) Chemically Out of Whack Industrial Song
(2HTS) I Am A Missing Sock Pop Song
(2HTS) And So The Sirens Sang New Wave Song
(2HTS) Little Surfing Dude Classic Rock Song
(2HTS) Pretty Little Butterfly New Wave Song
(2HTS) Faded Visions of the Outer Realm Experimental Song
(2HTS) The Depth of the Horizon Experimental Song
(2HTS) For Longing Is Death Cinematic Song
(2HTS) Circuits Sans Chlorophyll Experimental Song
(2HTS) Wherefore Art Thou, God? Ambient Song
(2HTS) The Consummation of Night and Day Ambient Song
(2HTS) I Speak In Tongues Experimental Song
(2HTS) I Don't Mind Pop Song
(2HTS) Toward Novatia Experimental Song
(2HTS) Lost and Afraid Indie Song
Screw the Queen Industrial Song
Schlafen Sie Nicht House Song
For The Sake Of The Father Dance Song
The Battle Ensues (2HTS) Video Game Song
Minanimalist Experimental Song
Ha/<una Matata [/not found] Industrial Song
Rabbit Hole (2HTS) Drum N Bass Song
Nihil En Futuri (2HTS) Dubstep Song
Just the Next One Industrial Song

2014 Submissions

They Call Me Melons Ambient Song
Robomatik Techno Song
I Am Not What You Wish House Song
The Likes of Butts Dance Song
Angernade Industrial Song
Defeatist No More Techno Song
Lead-Foot Techno Song
Spacial Lovemaking Dubstep Song
Vegas, Baby Techno Song
Corporeal Manifestation Drum N Bass Song
Wilkommen Industrial Song
Hood Rakk Chipstep Song
Megalith Dubstep Song

2013 Submissions

It's Happening Industrial Song
Sucka Got Flim Flammed House Song
Transience In Equestria New Wave Song
I Wish New Wave Song
Reali-tGlitch Things Up Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fractality Dubstep Song
DigiStrip Video Game Song
Typical Pony Dubstep Song

2012 Submissions

Amicos cum Umbrae Dubstep Song
Concerto della Magnifico Dubstep Song
EtherKraft Dubstep Song
Sine Ratus New Wave Song
Bass Base (Old Track) Techno Song
Videogre (Old Track) Dance Song
Scruff Claw Techno Song
Monokcyde Margin Dubstep Song
Voidism Drum N Bass Song
Lost Illusions Dubstep Song
Monokcyde Dubstep Song
Scruff Snuff (Old Track) Techno Song
I Wish (Old Track) Pop Song
Horn of Ragnarok Dubstep Song
Daemyn (Old Track) Techno Song
Break Beat 1 (Old Track) Techno Song
Initiation (Old Track) Techno Song
ElectroFade (Old Track) Techno Song
Ultima Detinatio Dubstep Song
The Bittersweet Beyond Classical Song
Anduz (Old Track) Dubstep Song
The Clockworker (ft. DI) Dubstep Song
Will of Remorse Dubstep Song
Vermillion Praise Trance Song
Night Impressionism Dubstep Song
Marginal Thought Dubstep Song
E.M.S.: ElectroMagnetic Sex New Wave Song
Beyond Cloudz (The Ephebe) Dubstep Song
Second Bites Dubstep Song
Untitled Magic Video Game Song
Apex of Arrival (WIP) Techno Song
The Dream Eater Dubstep Song
Error in the Misfit Child Video Game Song
The Acolyte Dubstep Song
Tri-n Feel Good Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Bells of Memory Hip Hop - Olskool Song
What Is IDM? New Wave Song
Time Is Ours New Wave Song
Your Collective Mind Dubstep Song
It Can't Be Real Dubstep Song
Memoria Pectus Dubstep Song
Peste Della Vespa Dubstep Song
LoM- Theme of the Sea Ambient Song
LoM- Theme of Happiness Ambient Song
Retro Apostle Video Game Song
LoM- Theme of Despair Ambient Song
Sakabatou Dubstep Song
Dreaming of Æthereal Sleep Dubstep Song
On Darker Matters Dubstep Song
Strings of Ecstacy (WIP) Trance Song
Der Streikende Dubstep Song
Fig-OmNom-aTree Video Game Song
Requiem of the Ill-Begotten Dubstep Song
Ascending Thoughts House Song
Malice in the Air Dubstep Song
Spacial Lovemaking (WIP) Dubstep Song
Going Necro House Song
Dance of Gemini House Song
Dying Wynd (WIP) Dubstep Song
Immortal Little Bastard Video Game Song
Virtuism Dubstep Song
I Just Want My Kookie Video Game Song
Finding Love in Lost Places Ambient Song
The Watcher (feat. Tomothy37) Dubstep Song
Brimstone Omnipotus (Hardstyle Trance Song
Obligations Unfulfilled Trance Song
The Village of Quaint Video Game Loop
Bring in the Second Dimension Video Game Song
A Frozen New Age Ambient Song
Terra Demonicus (NG Cut) Classical Song
Zelda OoT Title (Remake) Video Game Song
Zelda OoT Market (Dance Remix) Dance Loop
Fatal Acidity House Song
Reminiscence of the Effigy Ambient Song
Melodius Maximus Trance Song
Sweet Dreams (djrg Dub) (wip) Dubstep Song
Nuclear Duel Industrial Song
Happy Amoeba Pop Loop
Dys-Utopia Dubstep Song
Geist Æthereal Dubstep Song
New Space Order Dubstep Song
Suppression of Mind Dubstep Song
A Glass Half Empty Drum N Bass Song
Ignoring You Dubstep Song
Tearing Through My Oblivion General Rock Song
Opening the Gate House Song
Chatty Chatty Mouth (Dub Rmx) Dubstep Song
Zenith Claw Video Game Song
8-Bit Elegy Video Game Loop
NightmAir Techno Song
Nu Rho Zeta Dance Song
Reali-t's House House Song
FlammenWerfer Techno Song
Fancee Wunderland Trance Song
Dante's Lullaby Ambient Song
A Side of Goldeneye Video Game Loop
Conquered Soul Drum N Bass Song
Welcome XD Dance Song
Solace of the Armageddon Video Game Song
The Day That We're Screwin' Techno Song
LoZ Ocarina of Time Shop Theme Video Game Loop

2009 Submissions

Modulated Wanting Trance Song
Zee Zaw Techno Song
Darkness Lives Video Game Song
Vortexian House Song
CinosRepyh Drum N Bass Song
Feel Blank? Techno Song
Nautilis Loop Ambient Loop
Ambiance Shift Ambient Song

2008 Submissions

Techno Base Techno Song
Freakazoid Techno Song
Ingenious Inspiration Ambient Song
Judge's Juice Techno Song
The Ambience Within Ambient Song
KoolioFoolio Techno Song
Poison Dreams Miscellaneous Song
MR. Noise Trance Song
Darkness is Here Trance Song
Thru Time & Space I Travel Trance Song

2007 Submissions

In a Trance House Song
Phunk Rock (instrumental) General Rock Song
3xperiment Miscellaneous Song