I am Reali-tGlitch/Echo Ex Machina/Phrieksho. I have been making music officially since 07, technically since 04. As Phrieksho I stream on Twitch and making gaming related content.

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Reali-tGlitch's News

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - January 15th, 2012

I now have 80 people that have me on their favorite artists list. I'm on my way up!

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - December 10th, 2011

I started writing one, and so far it seems far more articulate and much deeper than many fanfics I've read (which is few, but still).

I have three chapters complete-- Please lemme know what you think :3
Samus: Dinosaur Hunter

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - October 24th, 2011

I created an organization on Facebook. It's for the possibilty of a zombie apocalypse, not the belief that it will happen. Share your ideas or simply brag.
Allied Zombie Militia (Facebook Page)

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 31st, 2011

Back in the top 30!

Zelda Ocarina of Time Dance Remix!!!

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 21st, 2011

Mine is finally set up. Please support me! only 99 cents a song :). It's basic atm... but I'll work on customization.

My reverbnation store

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 16th, 2011

Then tell me to my fucking face. I'm tired of my stuff getting shot off the front pages, making way for a bunch of shit. Seriously. such as one of my best songs, Virtuism. It got zero-bombed like a mother fucker. And then ALL my ambient songs get shot down, which I personally think are some of my best, and they got shot down in the ambient section leaving nothing but mostly shit on the front page, like Breathe-easy. Many poor quality songs there. My music is one of the only things in my life that I am confident about. If you can honestly look me in the eye, and tell me that you think my music is crap, then I might give you some damn respect. Seriously. This is total BS. How would you assholes like it if YOUR stuff got zero-bombed? I'm not saying ALL my music is good, cuz its not, but I'm confident enough to say that I know SOME of them are great.

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 9th, 2011

Well, about a month old. A couple house songs. Dance of Gemini and Going Necro.

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 7th, 2011

Why do people hate the music that I make? Most of my recent submissions have been zero-bombed at some point or another. Take a listen for yourself. Do they honestly think that my new songs are shit, or are they just jealous?

I'm not confident about a lot of things, but I'm confident in saying I think my music's pretty good.

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - August 6th, 2011

Ron Paul is the only presidential hopeful who doesn't speak out of his ass.

He is the only man there right now who upholds the constitution.

He cannot be bought by Wall St.

"in order to preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, all profusion and servitude... I place economy among the first and most important of republican virtues, and public debt is the greatest of the dangers to be feared. It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes... If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the very continent their fathers conquered." -Thomas Jefferson

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I shall rout you out." -Andrew Jackson, in direct dialogue to the bankers.

"I killed the bank"- Andrew Jackson's last words, when asked what his greatest accomplishment was.

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." -Benjamin Franklin

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last man to uphold these just values, and he was assassinated for it.

Ron Paul is brave to do the same and NEEDS our support.

People who support the constitutional values are PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED as "Domestic Terrorist Threats". That is what the people who support Ron Paul are labeled as. WE are number 3 on the biggest domestic threats. Number one on the list of Domestic Terrorist Threats (which are public, last I checked), are "Returning Veterans"

Please wake up people, before it's too late. End the Federal reserve. It's no more federal than federal express. Not even the supreme court is allowed inside.

Endgame (documentary... please watch this)

Posted by Reali-tGlitch - July 29th, 2011

I updated Flammenwerfer, but since it already has almost 4k listens, I can't change the file to the new one. Check out the fixed version at these sites:

My Reverbnation

My youtube

Or here's the video right here. The song now has more kick to it, and one of the biggest clipping issues is gone. Still some work that may need to be done, but I don't care as much.