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Didn't know that Newgrounds supported Unity, now. That's awesome. Good job on the game!

keybol responds:

Thank you! It's amazing for Newgrounds! Just like old Flash days!

Even to this day, it's the best Smash clone that has ever been made. Wish it got a sequel or formal release via The Behemoth.

Game seems to 'skip', causing frozen frames and controls sticking. I like the aesthetic and the concept; just needs work on the execution!

squidly responds:

Yea that's a Flash problem, unfortunately. If you download the executable it runs at a crisp 60 fps.

Certainly not terrible, however it does seem that it gets a bit laggy on the green grid screen when placing ships or selecting your firing spot.

Also, when you rotate a ship, it will go back to your pool if it can't properly rotate, so there can be a bit of trial and error with placing ships on the board.

Gameplay is solid, though. Classic battleship.

A decent bit of fun, but unfortunately short. Not a bad way to spend ~30 minutes.

I write this review on behalf of peace as peaceful giblets rain down from the heavens. This is the most peaceful game I have ever played, placing itself halfway between The Last Stand and Time Crisis, and giving itself a bounty of peaceful humor.

One of the best games on Newgrounds.

An endless climber that adds some new features, but certainly doesn't change the game.

Overall, it's a fun little way to pass a little time. It combines- and refines- some features from other games similar to it, but overall it doesn't really change the formula. Well-made without pushing the boundaries, and some nice little charm.

This game is refreshingly intriguing. It's not terribly difficult- I was able to understand each puzzle fairly easily- but it was fun, and it felt like a fresh experience compared to many games I've played.

The look is nice, but the framerate did take an occasional hit when there were a lot of objects on-screen. The music is fitting, but overall the sound is minimal. I wish there were more to the sound, but it doesn't really detract from the experience. Well done.

Vectorkid spriting style? Check. (As in: River City Ransom style)

Crazy, well-implemented twists on two classic formulas (Excitebike and Jousting)? Check.

Originality? Double-check.

I can't say it's the most fun, but it is a fresh experience.

Good job.

WingDemon responds:

Thanks man! Glad you thought so!


By far one of the BEST puzzle games I've played on Newgrounds in quite some time.

This is such a unique game, and I could imagine it on several platforms, most interestingly the 3DS. You accomplished something great, here.

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