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The harp in the beginning of the song reminds me of the Cave of Bad Dreams from Rayman 2.

Since I have yet to play skyrim (blasphemy, I know), I probably don't find this as funny as it should be. Great animation, though the sound needs a little work.

I've loved Savlonic music for a while; this is outdoing it. I really love this piece. It's beautiful; the music is great as always, and I love the direction the art has gone.

Possibly a top competitor for most disturbing episode in the series.

As always, I love this stuff... Is that bad?

Screw you weebl XD.

Your loops are rediculous. God damn the hilarity.

Who else agrees that Pinky Pie's hair is much better looking this way?

Great stuff

Well made. Good animation, wonderfully hilarious script.

Nice job

But let me just be redundant: work on clarity. Get a better mic, and obviously your animation could use work, but it's off to a great start. Keep it up.

Great script, btw.

Very original

I like it quite a bit.

Also, I see my music in your newgrounds credits, but not in the video credits, nor do I really hear the music in it.

inkbyte responds:

OMG! Sorry about that! I corrected it in the newgrounds credits! ( I downloaded your song and liked it so much I guess I subconsciously put it in the credits by mistake, no harm meant!)

While very abrupt

I do enjoy it quite a lot. It has a good amount of humor in what time it gets. Well animated, too.

XD just great

One of the funniest fan vids I've seen. Do you like bananas? Cuz I punched your mother in the vagina last night! That's right! I was at the circus!

One of the greatest lines I've ever seen.


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