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Eyes Onward is now available for purchase for $6 on Bandcamp, and streaming on Youtube and Soundcloud!

That's 10 tracks, 10 instrumentals, and even bonus tracks! Over one and a half hours of music!


Check it out!


Cyber(punk) Monday

2016-11-28 04:16:15 by Reali-tGlitch

My entire bandcamp discography is 80% off, industrial first and foremost, but everything else on the side. 120+ songs, only $5.20!



Progress on my next official album

2016-09-25 04:45:25 by Reali-tGlitch

Everything is going quite smoothly. Finalizing lyrics, finishing a few instrumentals, then will be spending the next couple months cracking down on recording the vocals. That's the hardest part when you don't have the best mic, but I do what I can.


I'll be releasing a select few sample tracks here on good ol' Newgrounds, but the full album will be available on my birthday, December 7th, for only $6. 9 tracks, 9 instrumental versions, and probably a bonus track or two if I feel like loving you guys.


Eyes Onward. Can't wait! Check it out on


Eyes Onward

Finally a supporter

2016-09-07 01:19:59 by Reali-tGlitch

Been a long time coming, but finally. I can change my name to the proper one!

Useless information, but a post nonetheless!

I mean, I started out on here in the first place. I still need to change my name to Reali-tGlitch to work with the rest of my music profiles, but damn. This place is still going strong, and I need to do my part!

It would appear that there are no labels catering to industrial, gothic, and future music genres as a whole in the Seattle/Northwest area, so why not take it upon myself to start one?1844015_142657371573_PhriekshoRecords.png

With the newest song added...

2014-12-06 15:32:50 by Reali-tGlitch

1844015_141789799652_MFAALMalt.pngMusic For Angry Assholes Like Me is officially completed! Like industrial genres? Check it out!

The Flagship is out

2014-12-01 23:25:45 by Reali-tGlitch

NEW SONG IS UP! Hear it first on Radio Rebel, created by a good man,Stan Price. Check out "Just the Next One" and get your aggro-tech/electro-industrial fix! This is the flagship song for the next album, 'Eyes Onward'

It will be on Soundcloud and Youtube, tomorrow! album cover

I don't know who you are, but this is fucking bullshit. You don't just hit '0' daily on someone's tracks unless you personally hate me, in which case: I hope you fucking die, you scum. You're a filthy piece of shit.

Dafuq is going on?

2014-08-21 23:54:01 by Reali-tGlitch

Some assholes just keeping coming through and zero-bombing my work. This is getting frustrating, considering Spacial Lovemaking has now fallen below a 4 because of it.