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7/8 of this wasnt clay.

First of all, dont call it a clay short if only one scene actually has clay. Second: too short. Yeah, i may not be able to make flash right now, but i at least now how to give some good advice.


Plz hurry and make the continuation... I CANT GET ENUF! This is freakin awesome! And how does his head always manage to catch fire? lol

The sounds were late

they werent synchroized with the animation. Interesting movie, but i dont think it was very good. The turret looked more like an octorok from Legend of Zelda.

MeanCdn responds:

well hey, at least im trying to make flash... flash done by soulbuld 0

Pretty damn good:)

I highly doubt this is ur first animation. its way too good to be a first. U probably meant 1st SUBMISSION, cuz its obvious u have had some practice with flash. Good job?:)

As far as stick movies go, this is better

I liked it, but the music cut out towards the end. I like the catchy title, too. Pyro (fire) vs. Cryo (ice, or Cryogenic Freezing). Its at least better than most submitted stick movies in the portal. However, when they were breathing heavily, it looked more like they were humping the air. Just my opinion. Anyway, good movie that deserves protection.

I feel his pain...

I know how it feels to be rejected by every girl. Its sad. almost cried. I found it to be a good flash. I liked it. short, but good.

GionniDiGenova responds:

Hurts like a b!tch, don't it? However, we always try to carry on and make do with what we have in hopes that one day someone will appreciate who we are. Who are we though? Fools, we are all fools.

Thank you for taking the time and watching my cartoon and as well as making a comment, I'm very grateful!

This is front page @$#%!

Right on! 5/5 and 10/10!

ROFLMAO! One of the best flash i have seen here on NG! Perfect scores.

Repetitive yet funny

i think it was EXTREMELY repetitive but yet VERY funny. LOLZ! Ditto, I choose you! Oh wait, shit...

Wow. an actually decent clock submission

I actually found it interesting. plz make mor and improve our thoughts of the CC towards the better cuz most of them submit crap flash.

I saw the exact same thing last nite!

I luved that freakin episode! Thats why i gave it a 5! it truly deserved it. Even if it was stick.

ThiefCopy responds:

......You saw the EXACT same thing last night?


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