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Good. Love the dialogue on the preloader page.

It has good meaning. But if there is no translation on this vrsion, then there is no point in submitting it. Good flash though.

Kenzu responds:

This flash is for the Chinese speaking audience. Next time read the "Authors comments". Everything is said there, even the link to the English version.

First good claymation i have ever seen on NG

I like that song...Great claymation. I have never seen any better than this. tuly deserves protection

dumassstudios responds:

yeah its a great song. I thought people would like it. and there are better claymations then this.

Next Gen ipod commercial.

This should seriously be an ipod commercial. the guys look like it, and the music and style is excellent.

Your english lerics...

...were different than the actual translation of the song. At least you spelled the chinese wording right. Good job.

My little bro has ADHD

Its funny as hell!!! He is not that hyper, but it is still a riot. This movie makes him look like hes an average person! When the voice was Dane Cooks, it was a lot funnier. Great sprite comedy!

Made me cry:'(

Its sad. Beautiful flash with a great ending. Seriously made me cry at the seperation part. It does every time.

Pretty good

I like it. Luv the pyrotechnics. But, try to have better clarity of the sound next time, ok? But it was a good flash.:P

It was pretty good

Methinks it was good, and it had in interesting concept, like more of an experimental flash. The music cut out towards the end, but it was a fitting song.

Piece o crap

Sorry about the summary, but MOST people on their first submission are at least able to make characters walk. And that elevator music became hellavator music because it was just so God dang ANNOYING. Anyways, it was better than some first submissions, I suppose.

It was good...

...but of course previews are never protected unless it is part of a movie that will have a sequel. However, it made me wait for the actual thing, so it was good.

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