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Oh wow. This is some pretty quality stuff.

Now this is some old-school shit, right here. I fucking love it. Spectacular stuff, even with the mildly-shoddy mastering.

vondurak responds:

Thanks man! Mastering is something I definitely need to improve on.

Some kickass take on technoswing? Don't mind if I do. This is some really quality stuff, among your best, in my opinion.

You reviewed mine, so may as well return the favor.

This is some truly spectacular stuff. Been a long time since I have heard such a quality melodic dubstep piece on Newgrounds. The mastering is a tad odd, with the emphasis on mid and high frequencies, as opposed to lower, but that's melodic stuff for you. I am definitely impressed!

Pandasticality responds:

thank you for your kind words, i love doing melodic stuff, il definantly do more in the future,
Thank you for your review, much appreciated.
- Pandasticality

Newgrounds has a chipstep section-- this is, quite frankly, where it belongs.

That aside, the sounds are well balanced. The piece, as a whole, is incredibly repetitive. This isn't so much 'listening' music as 'background' music. I could hear this in a videogame, very easily.

namirhassan responds:

this song was the 2nd thing i made on fl studio. lol

but thanks for the insightful review. :)

Reminds me greatly of Excision. Not quite my style, but this isn't too bad.

The fact that you have the heavy synths permeating throughout most of the piece really gives it a more repetitive feeling than it should have.

Overall, the mastering is very nice, though. Everything is well balanced.

Not dub, or brostep, or chillstep, or anything related, in the slightest. Far more of a techno/fusion piece, at least with this site's genre listings.

Overall, though, the mastering is quite nice. The synth you used in the 'drop', though, did feel quite raw compared to everything else, and considering that everything else didn't really change their feel/tone (drums, melody, etc.), it really felt out of place. The mastering, like I said, is nicely done. The volumes of everything match very nicely. The beat is also quite nice, very ambient.

The composition itself is a little lacking, for me. Not quite my tastes. That I won't mark you down for, though, since that would be biased.

Anaklosmos responds:

Hey thanks for the review man! I just now listened to this after quite a while for the first time and I can hear exactly what you can. I have ditched this project and have started moving on to more exciting tracks, but thanks so much for the feedback! Can't improve if I don't know what I'm doing wrong! XD

The immediately-recognizable throat bass you use almost always brings a smile to my face. Keep on keepin' on, my friend.

TheBiocide responds:

Ironic, because comments like these usually do the same to me ;)

Cheers, buddy!

A game I quite enjoyed. The music reminded me of Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Quite the remix!

AP is back with a vengeance, it seems. Been a while since I've heard your stuff, but glad to see that you are alive and well and making some kick-ass melodic music, once again.

Keep it up!

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